2015 Bike Club Calendars

NOTE: While the calendar displays show 2014, all the calendars have been updated to 2015.

For me, no other high school extracurricular activity has created such a bond of continued friendship than the El Capitan Bicycle Club.
During those four years, plus an additional two, many roads were traveled with my camera by my side which culminated into a large
collection of photos. While many of you have a DVD of these photos, I thought I would make this series of calendars so that a photo
or two can be enjoyed every month in a pleasing format for general reference, and as a reminder of those carefree days gone by.

– Mike Miller


3-Day Valledito Ride:  Series One   Series Two                3-Day Woodchuck Ride:  Series One   Series Two

Mt. Palomar Ride                Mesa Grande Ride                Desert View Tower, La Posta and Lake Morena Rides

Borrego Springs and Ranchita Rides                Japatual Valley and Scum Pond Rides

Pine Valley, Viejas Grade, Cuyamaca and Julian Rides                San Pasqual and Bonsall Rides          

Mike’s Picks:  Groups and Landscapes   Portraits

All calendars are $10.75 each, with black & white images, and available in styles 1h or 1v

Not part of the Bike Club, but most of the cast is the same in this photo book of portraits all taken
in the bathroom with each in his or her private moment.